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    Monday, October 9th, 2006
    3:37 pm
    patting hamsters
    dad won't let me pat the hamster. i told him that i would be careful (purrrrrrr), and i thought he wanted me to pat her because her cage was open and he was holding me near her. but when I reached out to pat her, he put me on the floor.

    hmph. i just wanted to eat pat her.
    Saturday, January 28th, 2006
    4:57 pm
    new Sparklemouses!
    Yay - Dad got me three new Sparklemouses today! My favorite is the silly silver one that looks kind of like a mouse-head, but I'm not sure how to play with it. So my favorite one really is the green one. I think green is my favorite color, because that's the color of my eyes. The orange one is my favorite, too, but Dad put that up on a shelf for when I lose the others, he says. I won't lose them! I just hide them so Sophia the Mousey won't take them, but sometimes I forget where it was I hid them, that's all.

    I continued working on teaching Dad to play with me. He throws the ball over and over for me when I bring it back to him. Yay Sparklemouses!

    Thursday, January 26th, 2006
    1:09 am
    Now don't get me wrong here - I'm not sanju_devil_cat - but I've learned something new that I figured I would share with you. I'm no longer embarrassed by it. It's not just dogs that, you know, play with things. Let me explain.

    Okay, so a couple of weeks ago, Dad went to the pet store to get Sophia (that's what he calls the little morsel, um, mouse, that I like to watch) a new wheel (her old one was starting to wobble a bunch, and it must be tough enough for an old mouse to run at all). Well, guess what? He also got me a new Sparklemouse! He'd given all the old ones to jensixstones when she adopted sanju_devil_cat, because that cat loved to play with them. But she never let me play with them.

    Dad put the new wheel - after lubing its pivot with Chap Stick - in Sophia's cage, and she can run real well in there. Then he played with me! He tossed the new Sparklemouse for me, all for me!

    Well! First of all, I've been the happiest I've ever been since the mean cat and sanju_devil_cat moved away, and I feel very young and strong. You should see my pretty fur! Guess what? I learned something new!

    Dad threw Sparklemouse for me, and it was great - all mine! I played really hard with it for a while, and then I remembered something that Dad and sanju_devil_cat used to play: I learned that if I carry my Sparklemouse back to Dad in my mouth, he'll throw it again for me. Wow, why didn't I think of that before? I trained Dad how to play Sparklemouse with me!

    I brought him Sparklemouse about five times before, you know, I had to lie down and just play with it on the catnip-laced rug. Then I had to breathe hard for a while (I sort of wheeze, you know, when I play too hard).

    Dad and I do this every few days, but, um, I sort of forget where I put it some times. Someone needs to remind him to buy more Sparklemouses so I can forget where I put them and still have more Sparklemouses to play with!

    It's fun training Dad how to play!


    PS: See me in my icon? That's proof that I'm a clever cat because I know how to use a computer! It's called a laptop, but even though I don't have a lap I can still use it. Go figure.
    Tuesday, December 6th, 2005
    1:24 am
    warm inside
    On nights like this, I'm glad I'm an indoor cat. My favorite thing to do on a night like this when Dad is up late is to purr really loudly so he can hear where I am, then I like to jump onto my climbing pole that Dad put in the stairwell and climb just high enough so he can scratch me. He's figured out that it's best when he touches the bolt on the lightswitch so he doesn't shock me so much.

    I forgot to say that my fur is the prettiest it's been since I was a kitten! No mean cats in the house to make me nervous, that's a good thing. And I get to watch my mousie running in her wheel and climbing around on her screen ceiling whenever I want, and one day I even got to watch a wild mouse climb the screen on the back door! Wow! It wasn't as pretty as my mousie, kind of snub-nosed with short ears, and I don't think it was as smart as my mousie, either. I should eat it to make sure only smart mouses make babies.

    Well, it's late, and I have a job to do: Must help Dad fall asleep. He seems sad, so I'll give him a good purring. I'll lure him away from his computer (he seems to have discovered that he can use the neighbor's wireless network, whatever that means, when he sits in just the right place in Mom's old office upstairs).

    Warm sleepings to you all,
    Monday, October 24th, 2005
    2:14 pm
    Dear furred and furless friends -

    I thought I should post an update. I'm so happy since sanju_devil_cat moved in with jensixstones! I'm sleeping on the bed upstairs all the time! Wow, I haven't been upstairs for years, and I haven't slept on the bed for many years! hope_dog, my parents' former dog Sid, the other black cat who doesn't have an Livejournal anymore, and sanju_devil_cat made it kind of nerve-wracking to try to sleep on the bed.

    But now the whole house is mine! Well, except for that little prey animal that dad keeps in a cage. I don't really understand why he keeps feeding it; it's now something like 3-1/2 years old, ancient for a mouse, and it hasn't gotten any fatter for years! What's dad trying to do to me?

    Well, I'm holding out hope: Mousey (I think her real name is Sophia) is starting to get old. I'm sure dad will give her to me so I can play with her before she gets all stinky and dead.

    Anyhow, I'm so happy these days that I purr all the time. I climb my scratching-pole all the way from the bottom of the stairs to the landing above, 12 feet! I purr so loudly that dad gets worried that I can't breathe, because I have a condition (asthma) that makes me have to open my mouth to get enough air when I'm so happy. I haven't been this relaxed since I was a kitten. Sleeping with my dad is the best! And getting to stay in bed all day while he goes off to "work," lay nestled in the covers in the sun... yum. Even my fur looks better than it has for years. And I haven't had any mega-esophagus (dad had to spell that one for me) at all! I hope that's all done; it made me feel really bad, and stress makes it worse.

    Whew, that was a lot of typing for my little paws. (See my LJ icon? Proof that I use computers! That's my laptop, well, the one I used in Seattle.) Time for a nap.